Jul 26, 2014
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Golden Valley Looks to Fill Soon-To-Be Vacant Council Seat

Golden Valley city staff will review options, including a possible special election, to fill Councilmember Freiberg's seat.

Golden Valley Looks to Fill Soon-To-Be Vacant Council Seat

Now that Golden Valley City Councilmember Mike Freiberg will serve as State Representative in District 45B, the council it left to figure out how to fill the vacant seat.

In their meeting on Nov. 13, staff will discuss the pros and cons of hosting a special election for City Council.

According to meeting documents, a special election would be costly to the city.

"The City would have to bare the entire cost if programming election cards for the acceptance of ballots and printing ballots for the election," City Finance Director Sue Vernig said in documents. "If the Council were to hold a special election, costs would be higher than the normal city election."

The city could also appoint someone to the vacant seat, which hasn't been done since Councilmember Paula Pentel was appointed in 2004. In order to appoint someone, there would be an application and interview process involved.

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