Jul 29, 2014

For Lakeville, Storm Damage Cleanup Will Take Weeks

Last week the LPD hosted a one day in-service training for officers dealing with military veterans in crisis.

For Lakeville, Storm Damage Cleanup Will Take Weeks

In the early morning hours last Tuesday, a fast moving thunderstorm went through Lakeville, . The damage included many trees knocked over by the wind and downed trees falling on houses and parked vehicles. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported from the storm. 

On duty officers immediately began responding to incidents associated with the storm ranging from downed power lines and trees blocking roadways to numerous alarms and reports of power outages. firefighters responded to one report of a house hit by lightning and then assisted with other public safety calls. City Public Works supervisors were notified by the on-duty police supervisors and within an hour were out making damage assessments across the City and directing Public Works crews to clearing downed trees that were blocking roadways. 

Emergency Management Director, Sergeant John Kornmann, was called in and immediately set up a command center in our police station to coordinate the response from all City Departments. 

Live power lines had been knocked down by falling trees across roadways at a few locations across the City during the storm. Those locations with downed power lines that blocked roadways were barricaded off. Police Reserve Officers and Community Service Officers stood by those locations where the lines were on the ground until power company crews were able to deactivate the power to those lines and repair them. 

Within 24 hours power was restored to most locations and the cleanup and repairs from the storm were well under way. The total cleanup will likely take a couple of weeks, to haul away and dispose of all the downed trees. Residents who had damage to their property and have questions can go to the City of Lakeville website for information. 


Sampling of LPD activity for the week of June 13 to June 21, 2012:

 Traffic crashes: 23 Alarms: 44 Animal Calls: 35 Medical Emergency Calls: 35 Thefts: 31 Traffic Stops: 299 


This week LPD hosted a one day in-service training for officers dealing with military veterans in crisis, at the Lakeville Water Treatment Facility. The class, called Public Safety De-escalation Tactics for Military Veterans in Crisis, has been designed to help improve police officers’ response to calls that involve military veterans.

According to Officer Jim Stevens, this was a “pilot” course and the first time this course has ever been taught. Officer Stevens, along with Officer Shawn Fitzhenry, have been very active in training our officers on handling these types of calls and this new class will provide similar training to many officers in other departments.

Officer Stevens said the federally funded course will have a few minor modifications made to it and then it will be offered to police officers across the country. 

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