Jul 28, 2014
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Lakeville's Election Results One-Stop Shop

So many races, so many stories. Instead of searching, here's an easy to reference list.

Lakeville's Election Results One-Stop Shop

The Nov. 6 general election was shocking in a host of ways. From the presidntial election to Lakeville's mayoral election, the votes cast created a gigantic wave of news and stories.

People are undoubtedly searching for simple stories about who won or last specific contests. Others may be looking for larger-scale stories about results.

Here's our one-stop shop—an easy to use and peruse list of stories and results you may be looking for:

All the winners:

Local races:

  • Morgan Beats Peterson for House District 56B—By a Hair
  • Election 2012: Kline Beats Obermueller to Retain Congressional Seat

State races:

  • MN Marriage Amendment Fails: 'Vote No' Wins
  • Barack Obama Re-Elected President
  • MN Voter ID Amendment Fails: 'Vote No' Wins
  • Obama Wins Minnesota

Judicial races:

  • Election Results 2012: Voters Choose Lorie Skjerven Gildea for Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice

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