Jul 29, 2014

Left Turns From Dodd to County Road 50 to Get a Little Safer

New traffic lights at the intersection will improve safety and traffic flow, according to the city.

Left Turns From Dodd to County Road 50 to Get a Little Safer

If you live in Lakeville, you know the perils of left turns from Dodd Boulevard onto County Road 50.

But an agreement between the city and Dakota County could soon change that.

In April, 's City Council approved a $90,000 plan to revamp the traffic lights at the intersection, adding left-turn arrows to the north and southbound lanes on Dodd. Currently, only County Road 50 traffic has left-turn arrows, making turns from Dodd a bit perilous. Lakeville will split the costs with the county.

Not only will all four directions now have red and green arrows, but they'll also feature a flashing yellow light during non-peak traffic times to allow motorists to turn left after yielding to oncoming motorists. During peak traffic times: turn on green arrow only.

During the meeting where the plan was approved, interim City Engineer Zachary Johnson said arrows help traffic flow in addition to enhancing safety.

The actual construction for the new lights will be finished in August, according to city staff. Bids on the project will be awarded in June.

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