Jul 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Dave Thompson Supports Bellows for Mayor

Dave Thompson: "I support Mayor Bellows because he has the right vision for those of us who make our home in Lakeville."

Letter to the Editor: Dave Thompson Supports Bellows for Mayor

To the editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Lakeville Mayor Mark Bellows for re-election. His public service record, impeccable credentials, and commitment to fiscal prudence make him by far the best choice.

Mayor Mark Bellows has a distinguished public service record. He has served as police chaplain for 22 years. He served ten years on the City Council before being elected Mayor in 2010. He is a pastor and counselor as well. These activities all demonstrate the Mayor’s commitment to individuals in need and to public service. He is well qualified for the job, as he has demonstrated over the last two years.

But of course credentials and passion are not the most important characteristics for a leader. I support Mayor Bellows because he has the right vision for those of us who make our home in Lakeville. Our residents are looking for public servants who understand the need to restrain spending and regulation, and keep taxes low. That is why the other two candidates for Mayor are portraying themselves as fiscal conservatives. Let me give you two examples that demonstrate the Mayor’s care for the taxpayer and dedication to good government.

The City’s Capital Investment Plan recently included a recommendation to buy $3.5 million in land to be used for municipal liquor expansion.  Mayor Bellows believed that a cost-benefit analysis should be done to determine whether such an expansion was wise.  The evaluation was done, and it was determined that Lakeville had slightly more liquor store square footage than could be justified by the population.   Therefore, such an expansion was premature and could cut into profitability.  Critics of the Mayor have attempted to use this series of events to portray him as “anti-municipal liquor.”   Of course the Mayor’s position on this issue was prudent, and in no way reflected a bias against municipal liquor.  It was obviously better to spend a relatively small amount of money to make a good decision, than to commit millions of dollars to a project that should not be done at all.  As former presidential candidate Ross Perot likes to say, “Measure twice, cut once.”

Second, the City had an opportunity to contract out its electrical inspection services to the private sector.  Finance Director Dennis Feller said that such a move could save the taxpayers up to $90,000 over two years.  The Mayor strongly supported this change.  Only Councilman Matt Little voted against it.  Why would anyone vote against it?  Perhaps that question is easily answered if you look at the sources of Mr. Little’s campaign contributions.

Mayor Bellows has always done what he believes is right for our City.  His twelve-year record is clear.  Please vote for Mark Bellows on November 6th.

Dave Thompson, State Senator, Lakeville

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