Jul 29, 2014

New Lakeville Police Chief Takes Oath of Office

Chief Jeff Long's committment to community involvement was a major part of the city's decision to hire him, Lakeville's city administrator explained.

New Lakeville Police Chief Takes Oath of Office New Lakeville Police Chief Takes Oath of Office

New Lakeville Police Chief Jeff Long was sworn in at the Lakeville City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Before Long took the oath of office, City Administrator Steven Mielke gave an introduction of Long before the mayor and the council. Mielke highlighted Long’s achievements.

“Chief Long has a reputation as an active community participant,” Mielke said, “He’s been very active and a participant in the civic organizations in Edina... that played a major role in the city's decision to bring someone to Lakeville who carries on the tradition of being active and involved in the community."

Mayor Matt Little then conducted the swearing in, after which Long spoke to the council.

“I want to thank you, mayor and members of the council, for placing your trust in me to lead this police department," Long said. "I have heard nothing but great things about this police department. I am excited to move forward… I want to thank the citizens of Lakeville for placing their trust in me… Thank you."


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