Jul 29, 2014

Overnight Lakeville Truck Fire Still Under Investigation

Night to Unite creates safer neighborhoods for Lakeville.

Overnight Lakeville Truck Fire Still Under Investigation

Officers Jim Stevens and Jessica Swaner responded to a report of flames coming from behind a commercial building late one night this week. A person driving by the building noticed the flames and had called the dispatch center to report the fire.

When the officers arrived on the scene, they found a semi-trailer parked behind the building that was fully engulfed in flames. The officers checked the surrounding area and did not find anyone around. Lakeville Fire Department units responded to the scene and extinguished the blaze. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 


When people ask me why I think that Lakeville is such a safe community one of my first responses is the strong neighborhoods that we have across our community and how our residents watch out for their neighbors and call the police to report suspicious activity when they see it. As a testament to this partnership that we have with the citizens that we serve, our officers responded to almost 2,000 reports of suspicious activity in 2011. Lakeville is such a large geographic area that this greatly enhances our ability to have our officers where crimes may be occurring. 

This coming Tuesday night, Aug. 7 is Minnesota Night to Unite in Lakeville. For the past 20 years, first as National Night Out and more recently, as Night to Unite, the first Tuesday in August is the one night a year that neighborhoods all across Lakeville and the whole country come out to meet their neighbors and show their solidarity against crime. What originally started out as a simple idea of coming out on one night a year on your front porch to meet your neighbors has evolved into numerous neighborhood block parties and large community events across the entire country. 

In Lakeville, many neighborhoods make it their annual summer block party and every year we have between 80 and 100 neighborhoods come together to celebrate Night to Unite with block parties large and small. Officer Jessica Swaner has worked on organizing the details of Night to Unite this year, making sure that every block party has a visit from an officer. 


Sampling of LPD activity for the week of July 26 to Aug. 1, 2012 

Traffic crashes: 10 Alarms: 25 Animal Calls: 37 Medical Emergency Calls: 28 Thefts: 13 Traffic Stops: 258 

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