21 Aug 2014
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PHOTOS: Lakeview Elementary School's Field Day Was Awesome

Track and field day is a right of passage into summer break for many elementary schools, including those in Lakeville. But this editor was particularly impressed with this year's version.

Editor's note: The following is an '' as much as it is a photo gallery.

Track and field day.

For many people, it brings back memories of elementary school—the annual right of passage before summer vacation. Long-jump, ball-toss, and even a 50-yard dash—participants got ribbons of participation and winners received bragging rights for a summer.

I was pretty athletic as a fourth-grader, and yes, I still have my ribbons. But that was a long time ago.

held its track day on June 5, and the school's Parent Teacher Organization invited to check it out.

Not only was it a chance to reminisce for me, but also shoot some photos of children in the community having a blast. Turns out I had a smile on my face the whole time, too.

And the day itself: fun. It's no longer the track day of yore. Which is pretty neat, if you ask me. Gone were track drills of running and kicking a ball. Nope, today Lakeview's fields were filled with creative and engaging games and competitions where students were asked to participate in team-driven relays.

For example ...

One event was an . Yep. Egg on a spoon. Everyone on the team did it; race to a cone, and race back, passing the spoon and the egg to their teammate. First team to finish won. All smiles and everyone was chanting the name of the student racing, cheering them on.

Another event had , bounce a ball on a racket, and dribble a soccer ball through a couple cones. Once done, run back and tag your teammate who would do the same. Again, all smiles, everyone cheering. Seriously, cheering each student on. It was fabulous to witness.

The most popular event though was an . Dive through the entrance, bounce around, climb a wall, slide down, and bounce some more. Every student raced through, huge smiles on their faces, . When done, nearly every student wanted another turn.

I didn't have anything like that when I was in school. Chances are most adults didn't. And as much as I loved my track and field day, and all the individual competitions involved, I can guarantee the kids I saw today enjoyed their field day much more than I did.

Way more. And they did it as a team. Kudos.

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