Jul 28, 2014
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Memorial Bricks Damaged at Maple Grove Arboretum

An unknown person spray-painted several bricks. The damage happened shortly before the May 5 Walk to Remember.

Memorial Bricks Damaged at Maple Grove Arboretum

The night before a community event was planned to honor those that have passed on, an unknown individual(s) damaged the memorial bricks at the base of the Angel of Hope statue at the Maple Grove .

The damage consisted of a gold number 12 spray painted on the Memorial Paver bricks, according to the Maple Grove Police Department and was reported May 5.

“This was horrible at any time-- but of course- we were all there on Saturday to honor our loved ones at the ,” Sarah Kerbeshian, a member of the Friends of the Angel organization, wrote in an email to Patch.

The incident was reported to the when it was discovered on May 5. Police were contacted and a report taken, according to a representative at the police department, there are currently no suspects.

“This is a sacred place for bereaved families…so horrible and heartless to do this on the bricks at the Angel of Hope,” Kerbeshian wrote in her email. “Some families only have this as their place to come grieve the loss of their child/loved one. For someone to do this-- it is so deeply hurtful and disrespectful.”

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the Maple Grove Police Department at 763-494-6100. The damage has since been removed.

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