23 Aug 2014
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Photos: Food, Drink, and Art at The Paint Pub

The Maple Grove business invites people of all artistic levels to have fun and paint.

Katie Peine says she has no artistic talent. Yet now she's making paintings for Christmas gifts, and she's having fun while she's painting them.

Peine was attending a class at for the second time on July 25. Paint Pub offers more than just art classes. Participants can socialize and have food, beer, and wine while receiving step-by-step instructions on how to complete the painting of the day.

"Creative, meet people, wine and beer. What more do you want?" said Lyle Svendsen, another participant at Wednesday's class. 

Owners Tom and Jill Tufano . They enjoy the challenge of running the business, but they especially enjoy getting to know their customers and seeing customers leave the class with a sense of accomplishment.

"The instruction really helps," said Pallabi Sharma.

Sharma had previously attended the class, and she said that she was proud of the painting that she took home.

The owners stressed that people of all experience levels can participate, feel proud of their artwork, and have fun.

"We're all about the fun," said Tom Tufano. 

Classes generally last from two to two and a half hours and cost $30 to $45. Registration is encouraged, though walk-ins are also accepted if there is space. People interested in setting up a private party should call The Paint Pub for more details.

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