Jul 26, 2014
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Boy Scout builds outdoor flag stands

The Minnetonka resident designed and then built 27 stands.

Boy Scout builds outdoor flag stands

When you visit your Minnetonka polling place this election season, take special note of the flag stands outside the entrance. They were built by Minnetonka resident Parker LaPlant as his Eagle Scout project.

State election law requires an American flag be flown outside the entrance to every polling place. However, free-standing outdoor flags large enough for voters to see often fell over in a strong wind – bases that were adequate inside couldn’t hold up to outdoor weather.

Enter Parker, who learned of this problem and proposed finding a solution as his Eagle Scout project. Parker designed a new type of stand, then built 27—enough for every Minnetonka polling place. Total cost: $325.

The stands were first used in last November’s election, and received rave reviews from election judges, who in the past often found themselves seeking makeshift solutions to prop up flags.

Thanks to Parker LaPlant's ingenuity and hard work the problem is solved.

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