Jul 28, 2014
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Gov. Dayton Signs Sen. DeKruif's Firefighter Bill

SF 1983, a bill chief authored by Sen. Al DeKruif (R-District 25), protects training and funding for equipment for Minnesota firefighters.

Gov. Dayton Signs Sen. DeKruif's Firefighter Bill

Editor's Note: This is a press release from Sen. Al DeKruif's office.

Firefighters and legislative leaders gathered at the State Capitol on Wednesday as Gov. Mark Dayton held a ceremonial signing of SF 1983, a bill chief authored by Sen. Al DeKruif (R-District 25), which will have a positive impact on protecting consumers and benefit Minnesota firefighters by increasing funding for training and providing for purchases needed for equipment for state emergency response building collapse and hazardous material teams. The bill also reduces the fee to consumers on their insurance policies, providing savings to all homeowners on their fire insurance costs.

“This fund has in the past been raided and used to help balance the deficit,” DeKruif said. “This is a step toward putting it right. Public safety is the top responsibility of government, and funding this account is important.”

In addition to ensuring there are adequate funds in the licensing and inspection account within the Department of Labor and Industry to adequately supervise licensees and assure quality construction inspections, the new law provides a one-time supplemental appropriation and increases the base for the fire safety account by additional $2.3 million in the next budget.

A supplemental appropriation of $4.5 million will be used for additional fire fighter training on a statewide basis and enhance the State Fire Marshals’ operations and fire code enforcement. A portion will be used for needed equipment to fund the states’ emergency response building collapse and hazardous material teams.

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