22 Aug 2014
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UPDATE: Cannon River Down Two Feet Since Tuesday

Water level around the Northfield Safety Center has also dropped approximately three inches.

UPDATE: Cannon River Down Two Feet Since Tuesday

The Cannon River has receded eight inches since yesterday evening and a full two feet since 5 p.m. Tuesday evening, says Northfield City Administrator Tim Madigan.

According to reports out of Faribault, readings from the Straight River indicate a 4.3-inch recession as well.   

The water seems to be dropping both inside and outside the riverbeds as well. 

"Water levels in all areas that I have observed have receded to some point including some of the large surface flooding areas we have," Madigan said.

Things seem to be stablizing across the county as well. 

"The Cannon River Basin saw a rise in the Morristown area and through the Cannon Lake area with an approximate one-inch rise in these areas yesterday but remained steady overnight," Madigan explained.

According to reports from Public Works Director Katy Gehler, water continues to cover the 5th Street Bridge, River Walkway, Rodeo grounds, Babcock Park and streets throughout the city, the water level around the Northfield Safety Center has dropped approximately three inches.  

City officials are encouraging Northfielders call the flood hotline at 507-645-3080 and check the  Northfield flood watch website for updates.

Please read below for the original flood stories.


As of this morning the weather service is reporting a storm total of 1.0-1.5 inches of rain across the watershed feeding the Cannon in Northfield.  The river continued to rise overnight in response to this precipitation.

But according to Northfield Public Works Director Katy Gehler, the water level of the Straight River between Faribault and Owatonna has held relatively steady since 6 a.m. and there is approximately two feet of (distance between the waterline) and the  Northfield Safety Center.

While the possibility of flooding downtown Northfield has waned slightly, water levels have reached the top of the river wall on the west side and the entire pedestrian walk has been closed.  Standing water levels on the east side have reached approximately one foot.

Malt-O-Meal has also abandoned its plans to close the 4th Street Bridge for maintenence at Ames Mill. The bridge was initially going to be inaccessible from Mar. 22-25 but plans have changed as the snow and the rising river level continues to threaten worker safety.   

For the original flood story, see below. 


In an effort to proactively combat the rainfall and rising river waters, Northfield city officials have begun building a one-foot sandbag berm around the parking lot of the Safety Center.

An update from the office of City Administrator Tim Madigan said rainfall is expected to continue all day and slowly start to convert over to snow later on tonight and into Wednesday morning.

According to Northfield officials, the National Weather Service predicted the Straight River near Faribault could reach 13 feet by Wednesday morning. It was measured at 10 feet this morning at 9:15 a.m.

Further news from around the county includes the following:

Hwy 3 & Cannon River Bridge by Dundas (8:45 a.m.) The river is now overflowing its banks and into the fields on the West side of Hwy 3, both the north and south banks of the river.

151st Street East & Cabot Ave: Road is still closed and the water is now starting to go over the road at the boat landing area near Cabot.  The road into Wilderness park is still open and the water level is still not a threat to the road or the park. However, there is a lot of standing water on the road leading into the park.

151st Street East (on the west end of the closure) (9:00 a.m.) Road still closed and water is well over the roadway and spreading further.

County Road 29 & Hwy 3 (Stick Meter Gauge): The reading was 3’ 11”  only a 2” rise from the previous reading, but it is expected to rise quickly.

Alex Park by pavilion #4 & Canoe Access: Water is now about 2’ into the parking lot at the canoe access area and has covered several portions of the grassy area along the banks.

The Dams (9:15 a.m.)

  • Woolen Mill dam only has about 1’ of spillway left before leveling off
  • Alex Park dam still has over 2’ of spill way left
  • King Mill Dam was at 978.40 which is a rise but still below the 2010 Fall Flood level when the peak water level at the dam was approximately 979'.  

227th & Cates area by the Gauge (9:30 a.m.) The south west bank of the river was flowing into the field and there was an obvious rise in the water.

230th & Cates (9:33 a.m.) There was a lot of standing water on all sides of intersection and getting very close to affecting the roadway. 

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