Jul 28, 2014

Letter: Supports Audrey Britton for House District 44A

Plymouth resident says why she supports Audrey Britton.

Letter: Supports Audrey Britton for House District 44A

To the Editor:

As a voter, I have decided to vote for Audrey Britton as our next Minnesota State House Representative for Plymouth District 44A.

I have always believed that public office holders belong to candidates that can serve all of us and the best of our community for our common good. After extensive studying and learning, I discovered that Audrey is a very well balanced individual who is not just genuine but also possesses the needed intelligence, education, leadership, experience and passion to do what it takes to bridge our differences.

Audrey promised that she will put the “public” and the “service” back into “public service’; bring an independent voice to the Capitol; develop realistic, fact-based solutions to move our economy forward; make Minnesota a leader in education again; help ensure every tax dollar is invested wisely and face the state’s 4 billion deficit.

Audrey stated that she has the experience. For 25 years, she held leadership roles and was accountable for delivering results in Fortune 500s, a nonprofit, a transportation agency and as a business owner. She knows what makes a business grow, how to manage multi-million dollar budgets and get results even under difficult circumstances.  She told us that she has worked with people from all levels of many organizations and 14 different countries.

Last but not least, Audrey’s commitment to public service spans 35 years to include volunteering at Courage Center, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, colleges as a career advisor and many civic activities etc. I trust my research, my judgment and I will cast a vote that I truly believe in. For those that disagree or have different views, let’s have a civic dialogue, Audrey will lead the way.  

Julie Y. Lee


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