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Family Still Searches for Beloved Missing Cat

Cole went missing Jan. 9, 2013.

Family Still Searches for Beloved Missing Cat

Scott Thompson is still on the hunt for his son's missing black cat, Cole.

Cole snuck out of a Richfield home near the 6800 block of Nicollet on Jan. 9. But, after nearly two months of searching, Thompson said he's still holding out hope.

"I’m still confident that if any cat could survive the nasty cold stretch we had, it would be [Cole]," Thompson said in an e-mail to Patch. "Someone put on Craigslist a pet success story of a pet who had been missing for months that finally turned up."

Thompson's son, 11-year-old Shawn, was heartbroken when Cole first went missing, but is dealing with the loss well, and also hoping for the cat's return.

The following is a description of Cole:

Cole 7 to 8 years old and is a short-to-medium, black haired cat with green eyes. He is a polydactyl, so his front paws are big. (Cole is declawed in the front, but not in the back.) He weighs roughly 14 pounds and one of his ears has a slight notch in it. While he wasn't wearing a tag when he left, he does have a microchip. He is also friendly and comes when called.

"If someone has him in their house and decides to bring him into a vet or clinic for a shot update, hopefully they will scan him for a chip and find out where he really belongs," Thompson said. "I still have faith that he’ll turn up."

If you have any information about Cole, please add the information in the comments section below or call or text Scott Thompson at 612-386-8207.

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