Jul 29, 2014

What’s the Going Rate For A Swing Set?

Remember how you felt like a superhero the first time you jumped from your swing in mid-air? How much will it cost you to give your kids that same feeling?

What’s the Going Rate For A Swing Set?
Written by Kathleen F. Miller and Julia Halewicz

“What’s the Going Rate For A Swing Set” is part of our ongoing Smart Spending series where Patch uncovers the going rate for goods and services in town, so you’ll know how much to pay for what you need. Help us out by replying in the comments.

When you see your kids use the couch cushions to slide down the steps, you know it’s time to buy a swing set.

Kids develop strength, coordination, and self esteem on swing sets when they conquer the monkey bars, learn how to pump, and negotiate sharing the swings with their friends and siblings. Plus, they'll go easier on your furniture.  

So, where do you get a swing set and how much will it cost?

Prices are all over the map. You can pay as little as  $129 for a metal system sold at Wal-Mart or  $983 on Amazon.com for a Lifetime Adventure Playset. If you're inspired to really splurge, you could spend up to $14,000 for a sweet, high-end wood set built by  Swingset & Toy Warehouse in New Jersey. Or if you've got a real climber, you could drop  $3,849 for this Gorilla Playsets wood version  with multiple platforms and a climbing wall. 

Happily, once you've considered safety and square footage, it's hard to make a wrong choice; your kids are likely to put whatever you get them to very good use.

But what’s the standard practice here in town? And where's the best place to buy the set you want? Let your neighbors know: do you really do need that crow’s nest? How will a wood set wear without any treatment?

And, confidential to empty nesters: What did you do with you swing set when your kids no longer needed it?

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