Jul 29, 2014

Minneapolis DFL Party Convention Endorses No One for Mayor

All-day affair ended after four ballots with candidates Mark Andrew and Betsy Hodges neck and neck.

Minneapolis DFL Party Convention Endorses No One for Mayor
None of the six candidates seeking the Minneapolis DFL Party endorsement for mayor were successful at the party's city convention Saturday. 

Former Hennepin County commissioner Mark Andrew led on all four ballots, with current Minneapolis City Council Member Betsy Hodges close behind. 

All six candidates as well as others who didn't seek the DFL endorsement are free to proceed to the November general election to replace retiring Mayor R.T. Rybak. (Andrew, Hodges and Minneapolis City Council Member had pledged to abide by any endorsement decision.) There will be no primary election; the general election will be conducted using the ranked-choice voting system.

The  Minneapolis DFL tweeted results throughout the day from the first ballot in which the results were: 

Mark Andrew 35.8%
Betsy Hodges 25.9% 
Gary Schiff 23.5% 
Don Samuels 6%
Jackie Cherryhomes 4.8%
Jim Thomas 2.3%  

The three candidates with the most votes advanced, with Schiff removing his name from contention leading to the fourth ballot when results were:  

1092 ballots. 5.6% no endorsement, 44.3% Hodges, 50.1% Andrew

Hodges supporters left the hall for a pizza break and the convention lost quorom. 

MN Progressive Project posted transcripts of speeches by the three leading candidates: 

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