Jul 28, 2014
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Palmisano is the best choice for Ward 13

Perry turing his campaign negative is an act of desperation. Front runners don't need it. 

This tactic by Perry reflects the leadership style we can expect from him - if you don't agree with him he will twist the facts to undermine you. In fact, Perry's blog post is mis-leading in that Perry suggests that the firefighter endorsement mailers are attack pieces when they are NOT.

Even as I respect the man, it is both amazing and disappointing to see Perry present himself re-writing history, misleading on his input and actions, and misconstruing his opponents' position and her supporters. In this way, Perry does not exemplify the values of honesty, integrity, sincerity, and accountability so important to Ward 13 and our City. Likely this is just one reason why the WARD 13 DFL VOTERS did NOT endorse him and selected Palmisano.

Oh, and if you don't like firefighter endorsements try these folks who know she is the best candidate for the job:

Mark Andrew, Former Hennepin County Commissioner and Mayoral Candidate Betsy Hodges, Minneapolis City Council (13th Ward) and Mayoral Candidate Barb Johnson, Minneapolis City Council President Kevin Reich, Minneapolis City Council Gary Schiff, Minneapolis City Council Elizabeth Glidden, Minneapolis City Council Lisa Goodman, Minneapolis City Council Frank Hornstein, State Representative Susan Allen, State Representative Kari Dziedzic, State Senator Melisa Franzen, State Senator Keith Ellison, United States Congressman Patricia Torres-Ray, State Senator Michael Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney Lisa McDonald, Former Minneapolis City Council Jack Newton, Former Minneapolis City Council Scott Benson, Former Minneapolis City Council Brad Bourn, Minneapolis Park Board Rebecca Gagnon, Minneapolis School Board and many more at http://lineapalmisano.org/

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