Jul 28, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota: 'It's Going to Be OK'

State Sen. Jeff Hayden, who represents parts of Southwest Minneapolis, compared prohibitions on gay marriage to past laws against interracial marriage.

Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota: 'It's Going to Be OK'

Minnesota state Sen. Jeff Hayden (DFL-Minneapolis) had a message for opponents of the same-sex bill before the Minnesota Senate Monday:

"It's going to be O.K."

Hayden began his speech on the floor of the Senate by describing the comfort his two children had with same-sex couples, including those of several state legislators. "My children have been around [same-sex couples] their entire lives," he said. "That has enhanced their lives."

Hayden referenced past laws against interracial marriages and said that had they been in effect, he wouldn't have his wife (who is white) or their two children.

"We're at the end of the road," Hayden said. "Everything is going to be O.K. in Minnesota."

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