Jul 29, 2014

Yeti Records Going Mobile

Local record shop owners meeting challenge with creativity.

Yeti Records Going Mobile

When Jake and Lisa Luck heard some fantastic news earlier this year—that Lisa was pregnant—they simultaneously had a bad realization: something about their busy lives running local music shop Yeti Records had to change.

Taking an inspiration from the food trucks that have started to comb Southwest Minneapolis, the couple decided to go mobile. At Lisa's suggestion, they'll soon be packing their record store at 35th and Nicollet into a 1975 Winnebago and holding pop-up sales at events around the community.

"Not doing it anymore was not an option," Jake told Patch Friday afternoon. "We figured this was a pretty novel way of being able to do it, and we'll be doing it cheaper than any other record store in the country does it."

Their plan almost didn't come off—without a lot of capital to spend on their dream vehicle, the Lucks turned to their fans, launching a Kickstarter-style campaign to raise the necessary money. The last few dollars putting them over their $2,000 goal rolled in on Thursday.

"I'm definitely looking forward to the freedom of it," Jake said. "We can literally do whatever we want with it. Now, we know we won't be driving around town just selling records. We definitely have to go to events and advertise, but it gives us a freedom that we don't have with our storefront. If I have to take my kid to school, I can because I won't have to go open the shop."

For now, though, the Lucks are concentrating on their soon-to-arrive baby, and hope to buy the truck and complete renovations this summer, before Yeti's lease runs out at the end of August.

"We're kind of flying by the seat of our pants right now," Luck said, "but that's what life is about, right?"

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