Jul 29, 2014
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A Step in the Right Direction for Jablonski

Jack has been able to resume rehab after being in the hospital last week.

A Step in the Right Direction for Jablonski

Things are looking better for Jack Jablonski, his mother reports via his CaringBridge page

After , Jablonski was able to resume rehab on Tuesday—a day that started with a phone call from hockey legend Bobby Orr. Jablonski, a sophomore, sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a hockey game last year.

Here is the full CaringBridge update:

What a day!

It started with a phone call from hockey great, Bobby Orr! How cool is that?! 

Then we embarked on a long day at Courage Center (www.couragecenter.org). Can't say we weren't nervous, especially since Jack missed all of his rehab sessions last week when he was in the hospital. We honestly weren't sure how much he was going to handle. 

But WOW, his determination knocked our socks off. He began the day with his assessment for the ABLE program (Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise), a non-traditional form of rehab that activates the muscles and nerves to promote a greater degree of neuro recovery. In short, if you're willing and able (actually, pun is intended!) to work hard, this type of rehab can lead to an improved quality of life, health and more strength. 

While going through the assessment, Jack pulled off a few firsts...he moved his left leg and ankle ever so slightly. He also wiggled his middle left finger. Needless to say, I'm thrilled that he gave me the finger, especially the left one because this has become his weaker side since the injury. Kind of tough for a natural born lefty. 

After the assessment, Jack was strapped into a harness so that he could work on the treadmill. We weren't sure if he'd be able to tolerate being in an upright position for more than a short while, but he did! With the help of Courage Center staff, Jack took his first steps in five months. It was a breathtaking moment and one that his mom will never forget. 

Certainly a step in the right direction! 

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