Jul 29, 2014
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Jablonski Makes His Return to BSM

Tuesday was his first day at school in roughly eight months.

Jablonski Makes His Return to BSM

Nearly eight months after sustaining a serious spinal cord injury during a hockey game, Jack Jablonski returned to on Tuesday as a junior.

His mom, Leslie Jablonski, wrote about the big day on his CaringBridge page:

Sigh of relief.

Almost eight months to the day that he was injured, Jack returned to Benilde-St. Margaret's this morning. With a smile on his face, he rejoined the Class of 2014, a goal he had set months ago, and one that he proudly achieved. 

And yes, I was nervous when he left this morning. Nervous that he wouldn't make it through the day, nervous just because it was such a big step, and nervous for no other reason other than I'm his mother and that's what we do. We worry.  

But all worries set aside, it was a great day. Jack was thrilled to see his classmates and launch back into the daily routine. Although he was tired, he was relieved to have made it through the first day with ease. 

We're also happy to report that brother Max enjoyed his first day as an eighth grader at Benilde. Nice to have both boys under one roof and on the same schedule. 

Two Red Knights, just seems so right. 

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