Jul 29, 2014

Police Search For Reported Shooter Near Golf Club

Police officers were on their way to a robbery call when they were diverted to the call of shots fired.

Police Search For Reported Shooter Near Golf Club

Early on Friday, Nov. 30, an anonymous caller phoned the St. Louis Park Police with a disturbing report.

Men were fighting near the intersection of West 16th Street and Highway 169, the caller said. One or more shots had been fired, they added. According to a report filed by SLP officers, "a very dark (Cadillac) Escalade was somehow involved."

When the city dispatcher transferred the caller to the Minnesota State Patrol dispatcher, though, the caller hung up. 

When officers arrived shortly after 4:30 a.m. near the Minneapolis Golf Club, they found the neighborhood quiet. A canvass of the area turned up no evidence of a fight or the reported shots fired. A neighbor out walking her dog told police she hadn't heard anything unusual.

The officers' report pointing out that the St. Louis Park dispatcher was able to trace the phone call to a cell phone operating over a mile away from the reported fight location. The officers also noted they were on their way to investigate a reported burglary in progress elsewhere in St. Louis Park when the call came in.

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