Jul 29, 2014

St. Louis Park Weekend Police Calls, Aug. 24-26

A look at the St. Louis Park Police Department's calls for service over the last 72 hours.

St. Louis Park Weekend Police Calls, Aug. 24-26

With the help of the , St. Louis Park Patch is providing reports of the department’s calls for service over the past three days.

The most recent reports, which come directly from the department, are attached to this article as PDFs. You can access them to the right, underneath the police logo.

St. Louis Park Patch wants to make it clear that items within a report do not necessarily indicate that crimes were committed. In fact, many of the items in a given day’s report are as simple as an officer advising a party, or an incident being cleared or a call being canceled, as indicated in the “disposition” column.

It should also be noted that in the “incident type description” column, “L” corresponds with police activity, while “F” corresponds with fire department activity.

If you have any questions about a report, contact St. Louis Park Patch Local Editor Michael Rose at  michael.rose@patch.com, or contact the police department.

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