Jul 29, 2014

Best Place to Get Your Car Washed in Woodbury: Readers React

It looks like Woodbury drivers might be able to squeeze in a car wash today before the next round of snow and cold. Do you agree with our Facebook fans? Let us know in the comments section below.

Best Place to Get Your Car Washed in Woodbury: Readers React

With a high near 30 degrees, some sun and the possiblity of even a little melting out there today, drivers in Woodbury might be able to squeeze in a car wash today.

Which got us thinking.  

On our Facebook page during one of those rare nice days in January, Patch asked about the best place to get your car washed in Woodbury.

Here’s what folks had to say on Jan. 8. Do you agree? Have another spot you like? Tell us in the comments section.

Scott: The bp on valley creek ..........bomb and its cheap

Matthew: BP!

DeAnn: Definitely the BP!!

Ken: free would be good

Andy: Heppners on Hudson Rd

Brianne: Heppners, for sure!

DeAnn: There aren't nearly enough car washes in Woodbury!!

Heather: I like the one at Kwik Trip off of Woodbury Dr/ Hudson Rd. Always comes out clean:)

Rhonda: BP on the corner of Woodlane Drive and Valley Creek Road.

Rhonda: I will have to try the Kwik Trip since it is right by my house. I LOVE the BP. I am not crazy about Heppners. I normally get the full wash when I get my hair done in Brooklyn Center. Really inexpensive and comparable to the Downtowner (which does an awesome job).

Doreen: BP I was there today - I like that they have an attendant that hoses off the car!

Woodbury Patch: There aren't any self-service spots in the Wood, right?

Rhonda: Nope. The closet self-service is off Larpenteur and White Bear Avenue across from the Plaza Maplewood theater.

Rhonda: At the BP they give you a "wipe" to clean the interior of your car.

Elizabeth: Heppners!

Rebecca: BP for my month to month wash - I used to go to Heppners but that was years ago. The last few times I've went my car almost hit the wall coming off the automated belt because no one was there to direct it safely off the belt. So if I want a really good job, I now go to a place off of White Bear Ave.

Sarah: NOT Super America!!

Kris: BP

Mary Jane: For sure, BP. And the line moves pretty fast because the cars move along on the belt, vs. just pulling into the bay while the machine thing moves around your car (like SA).

Aaron: Holiday on Woodbury drive and valley creek moves fast. Holiday on 94 and manning just added a wash. Buy one unlimited month for $20 get one free. Closest self serve is Hudson across from Fleet Farm, closer than Saint Paul.

Vicky: I've tried Heppners 4 times, hoping it would be close to as good as downtowner. Everytime its been really bad. No more. Love BP.

Laurie: I like Downtowner. Worth the trip and the price (especially with a coupon). But, if you must have one in Woodbury, BP.

Heppner's Auto Body (Vicky), my name is Laura Klatt Jacobson, and my mother and I own Heppner's Auto Body. I was disappointed to see your comment about our shops. I would appreciate you giving me a call at the Commons Drive shop to discuss your concerns. (651) 714-1471. Thank you.

Woodbury Patch Thanks for chiming in Laura.

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