Jul 28, 2014
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Drama Unfolds on Local Highways in Woodbury Man’s New Book

A Q&A with the author, Allan Evans.

Drama Unfolds on Local Highways in Woodbury Man’s New Book Drama Unfolds on Local Highways in Woodbury Man’s New Book

Woodbury author Allan Evans’ novel, Killing Time on the Highway, involves a shootout on the highway, eight dead people and the mystery behind $300 million in cash.

Much of the action takes place in Woodbury and the east metro.

Evans, 53, grew up in Bloomington and also works as the marketing manager at FirstTech. He has been a marketing communications writer for a decade, including a stint as a communications writer for Medtronic, writing everything from magazine ads to ghostwriting articles for cardiac surgeons.

Patch asked Evans about the book:

Woodbury Patch: Why did you decide to use Woodbury and the east metro as the setting for Killing Time on the Highway?

Allan Evans: It's a case of write what you know, and I know—and love—our community.

Patch: Tell us a little about the plot.

Evans: Minnesota State Patrol investigator Cade Dawkins takes on the case of his lifetime when a bloody highway shootout leaves behind eight dead bodies—and $300 million in cash. After his last assignment, a disaster that left his partners dead and his career on life support, Cade jumps at the opportunity for redemption, recognizing this will either be his biggest—or his final—case.

Patch: How does the setting influence what happens in the book?

Evans: Living in Minnesota with its four seasons gives one a profound sense of place, which I try to impart into the novel. I've always been a fan of John Sandford's Prey series, which are set in the Twin Cities. I love the fact that as you read it, you know exactly where each scene is taking place. You almost expect to run into the characters when visiting the same places. Some of the major scenes in Killing Time take place on Highway 94, Sam's Club, Dunn Bros, Imation headquarters and the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Patch: How did the book turn out?

Evans: I'm happy with it! In fact I'm halfway through writing a sequel. 

Patch: How/where can people get the book?

Evans: Amazon sells a Kindle edition.

Patch: Anything else you'd like to add?

Evans: The research was a lot of fun. I've met a lot of great people and have ridden in law enforcement squads traveling at 120 miles per hour with the lights and sirens going. Believe me, that will get your adrenaline racing!


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