19 Aug 2014
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From Woodbury: Reaction to the Splash Pad Idea

Here’s what people were saying about the proposal this week.

From Woodbury: Reaction to the Splash Pad Idea

The Woodbury City Council this week had a tepid reaction to the idea for a splash pad as part of the Bielenberg Sports Center expansion plans.

Here’s what people had to say…

On Facebook

We asked: Would you guys want to see a splash pad at the Woodbury, MN-Bielenberg Sports Center?

Jerome: No Splashpad. How about a nice pool and waterpark like some other communities have.

Camille: yes, Woodbury, a little community water fun would be GREAT!

Nicola: For sure! Cottage Grove's splash pad is awesome! A water park would be way better but I'll take the splash pad!

Sarah: Cottage Grove has a new splash pad...to build another one in Woodbury would be redundant.

Heather: Yes! We drive to the CG one. We'd love to have one in our community here.

Heather: They're inexpensive to build and maintain, so there's very little reason not to, unlike a water park which is considerably more expensive.

Kristen: No way! I'd love a community pool and water park.

Tricia: Yes. We need toddler-friendly things to do in Woodbury.

Woodbury Patch: Also, the city tried to send me a cool power point with more images, but it was too big. They're working on getting me a CD, so hopefully I'll be able to add that later today.

Rachel: Yes! The one in CG is a hit and one in Woodbury would be popular!

Woodbury Patch: The architect said if the city installs the splash pad, it might create a "parking problem" at the sports center.

Tricia: So that means people would use it, ha!

Lisa: Yes! Those of us on the other side of the river don't have anything.

Jessica: Yes!! Would love it!

Tom: No - if figure skaters/hockey can drive to other communities (CG) for practice, then driving to CG for splashpad sounds reasonable. $500K to build one using Park Dedication Funds makes no sense, when existing Park ameniities need improvement (netting on baseball fields, covered dugouts, improve drainage issues on sports fields) or develop trails to the newly acquired lake property at Lone Lake Kennels (piers and covered structure). The community has access to 12 pools (either in your development or through Lake Middle School/YMCA). City pools lose money. Fix, maintain, develop, acquire, improve what you have first, then add a new splashpad later.

Rachel: How much does a splash pad cost??

Kraig: Absolutely! A pool wouldn't be a bad idea either. Woodbiry is the only suburb without a community swim area. not even the health clubs locally have family swim areas. This is something our community needs.

Tom: @Rachel ... as a separate add on to the BSC remodel, the city has estimated $500,000 to build the splash pad.

Rachel: And how about the thousands of residents that dont have kids or can't and won't use it? I say, sure, if you can opt out of paying for it on your city tax bill.

Heather: A splashpad is not a pool. It's a concrete pad with essentially sprinklers underneath. It's safe. It's fun. It costs very little to maintain.

Woodbury Patch: Thanks for the description Heather. I did Career Day at the high school and had a hard time describing it to the students.

Cheryl: Yes!

Sharon: No!

Woodbury Patch: I got a better image uploaded to this post. I'll have the PDF added shortly too.

Tammy: NO!

On Woodbury Patch

Joe: $500,000 for a splash pad is a waste. There is already one in CG 5 miles away. Take the $500,000 and put up boards and cooling pipes in the outdoor rink and make it usuable for hockey practices (for rental fee of course). This would address a lack of available ice time in Woodbury as well as provide a revenue stream to help pay for operating costs of the new Bilenberg sports center.

Allie Ziemann: Splash pad would be much appreciated in Wdby, yest the one in CG is close but its def. one more thing for families to be able to do w/in the city. Wdby is a city that is growing like crazy and there needs to be more free family friendly activities for kids of all ages.

JM: How would this generate revenue. It would just be one more project like light rail, so the taxpayers can pay for Allie and others to have "free" spots for her and her kids.

Dana Millington: I disagree. This would be a fabulous addition to the facility and a fabulous addition to the inclusive playground as the splash pad would be fully accessible - allowing access for everyone! This is a recreational opportunity for everyone, not a spot for just those that play hockey, or soccer, or baseball - this area would be for all. Not every child or adult plays a sport and this is a great opportunity to create a place in Woodbury to enjoy. There are thousands of people here during the summer, siblings watching other siblings play sports - this would be a great add to cool off after games, during games, and give all kids something to do while they are there.

k irish: Splash pad...How does the facility create revenue on that? Sounds like a giant petri dish to me. Gee kids lets go romp in the raw sewage pad at Bielenberg... If it is operated by the same clowns currently running the place it will be a colossal embarrassment.

yomammy: I had fun once too—hated it...

k irish: Hey I'm all for fun Mammy, just tell me how anyone over the age of 2 will find this remotely amusing. Put in a waterpark with slides or a wave pool..something that may actually pay for itself and create a "fun" atmosphere for a wider variety of age groups. Teens are the only age group who currently have no destination. Why not offer something for them as well? This whole idea of playground and splash pool is too segregating, besides most the Mommies in this town send their twerps to daycare and won't be dragging their tribe there on their own, they will leave that dirty job to someone else..

yomammy: lol

Kris Janisch: I think the city usually asks a question about water parks (and how much folks would be willing to pay in taxes) on the biannual community survey.

k irish: By no means did I mean to suggest this be a free park. All these people screaming for free entertainment for their kids can take them to Como..All have $ for yoga classes, manipedis, coach purses.....Guess what if you can't throw out $5 to take your kid to a waterpark then turn on the sprinkler in your back yard, oh yeah, thats not free either Outrage!

HHF34: Watering restrictions in Woodbury - you can't just turn the sprinkler on in your own back yard any time the kids want to go out and play!

Kris Janisch: Also, I believe the funds for exterior stuff would come from park-dedication fees. I'm not 100 percent if it's all of it or parts. I'll ask.

Kris Janisch: I get it Irish, just wanted to note that we might get some feedback about water parks in Woodbury in general in the next few months.

Joe: I know the stonemill farms development is getting their own (pivate) splashpad. Not sure about any of the other developments in woodbury but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the wealthy ones follow suit. I would rather see them build a city waterpark with water slides etc like they have in Edina. The novelity of a cement slab with sprinklers wears off quickly and doesn't generate any revenue.

Kris Janisch: Got a new image uploaded to this post, and if the internet stops being funky I'll have the full PDF up soon too. It's pretty neat.

DMS: As a recreation professional (and someone without children)- I see the value in splash pads. As a city, why would Woodbury push their residents to another city to enjoy their leisure time? Why not keep them local where they may spend additional money within the city? Another key factor is that splash pads are all-inclusive and not another field, rink, playing structure, etc for athletes. I have experienced first hand the success of splash pads and spray parks and fully support Woodbury adding this feature to a facility that is growing to meet the needs of all individuals. Kudos to those pushing for inclusion.

HHF34: One rather large advantage to a splash pad, especially with some kids, you don't need to worry about them drowning or running off into the deeper pool. Kids get their fun, yet it's safer for kids you aren't ready to be taking to the pool quite yet (i.e. still in swim diapers, prone to running off toddlers/preschoolers, etc. They're also more inclusive on many levels… While I agree, the price tag is a bit on the steep side especially when a half-million would be better spent elsewhere (like, say, taxpayers putting in pools of their own!), I'm surprised that there aren't more of them in the area. The one put in where I'm originally from is constantly busy.

TM: Splashpad? Fine, but not at that price. That's crazy!

Jeannie: The splash pad is a great idea. Having one near a playground in the summer is even a better idea. As a youthful community, this would be a great addition for our children and families. If you saw the balance sheet on how much money we actually spend in the City of Woodbury, the $500K would not be a burden. In addition, I do agree with another comment that our community needs entertainment for teens.

yomammy: Build it...but...

1. have a low $1-$2 per person fee to get in to cover builiding and maitenance/staff costs
2. keep "fresh" water at least partially renewing the water to avoid butt-soup (fresh water heated by solar first...
3. take the portion of water that gets expelled and fill a pond or something "natural" (or water the grass)

lori: A sprinkler in the backyard works the same???? so everybody in Woodbury owns a single family home??? I own a townhouse and have a 3 yr old that would love this as much as she loves the one in CG!!

Joe: Most townhomes have a spicket on the back of the townhouse and at least some yard space. Condo's and apartments usually don't have anything. Regardless, maybe you shouldn't live in a condo/apartments/townhome when you have small kids. Besides Bielenberg is literally like 4 miles from the CG splash pad. 99% of the people are goign to have to drive to Bielenberg anyways, and to drive an additional 4 miles to CG one doesn't seem like much of a burden. In 10 years, the splash pad will be an ugly rusted piece of cement. $500,000 can be spent better in other ways.

Kris Janisch: I forgot about the watering restrictions too.

Jane M: I'd love a splah pad. If the city needs revenue have a concession stand.

JM: Gee, I wonder why taxes are so high? I decided a pool was important to me, so I live in a development with a pool. Why should taxpayers have to pay for your "free" recreation. It's like the poor parents that have to pay school taxes, when they send their kids to a private school so their kids can get a better education. Give me, give me, give me. At least the fields make money by charging the people that use them.

Jim McGurran: I'm all for the pool/waterpark, not a silly spash-pad. The waterpark would probably pay for itself with user fees. And if the revenue projections say it wouldn't be self-supporting, nix the outdoor ice rink and use those funds to pay for something fun to do outdoors in the summer. This entire Bielenberg icerink and fieldhouse expansion is all about wintertime. Let's create something fun to do in the summer that can keep Woodbury money in Woodbury.

Kris Janisch: I have to admit I've never been to a splash pad. I do like the water slides at Valley Fair though.

SomeGuy: It would be nice to have more destinations in Woodbury for all ages, a reason to stay in Woodbury beyond sleeping here. While that may include sports/athletics, it needs to be expanded beyond that demographic and I am encouraged that they are asking questions. Woodbury needs better destinations, restaurants/bars, events - reasons for people to hang around on the weekend (and let me add, spend locally).


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