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Plant Bash, Hamm’s Harassment, Hot Dog: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from July 12-17.

Plant Bash, Hamm’s Harassment, Hot Dog: Woodbury Police Blotter

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

July 12

A woman stopped in at the to report that her husband had been threatening her and threatened to take their children to Africa. Police learned that an order for protection against him was dismissed because she had missed the hearing. Officers advised her to have it reinstated.

A $180 skateboard was reported stolen from a car parked at .

Police were called to the after a man got into a verbal confrontation with a group of five people in a car. He went into the store and management wouldn’t let anyone from the car inside. The car was gone by the time officers arrived.

A driver called police after a group of high school-aged boys on skateboards darted out in front of her car near the intersection of Interlachen Parkway and Pinehurst Road. The boys left after giving the caller the finger.

A report of a car fire on Interstate 94 turned out to be a broken belt that was causing smoke.

July 13

Three masked suspects broke into and .

Police found two joints and drug paraphernalia in a room at the Red Roof Inn. One man was cited.

A resident at the 9000 block of Duckwood Trail reported that over the past two years someone has been throwing beer cans on his front lawn on a weekly basis. The latest incident involved Hamm’s Light beer cans. Officers suggested he set up a hidden camera, and the resident said he plans on doing so. Police said they would assist should he catch the tossers on tape.

Someone played ding-dong ditch at a home near the intersection of Copper Oaks Draw and Lake Road.

Camp counselors’ backpacks were reported stolen while they were left unattended in a passel of about 30 backpacks at . Some items scattered along a bike path were recovered.

Police were called to the parking lot at after a resident spotted a dog inside a car with the windows rolled up. Police put the dog in the back of a squad car until the owner arrived 25 minutes later. The dog owner was issued a verbal warning about the city code relating to the matter. It was 87 degrees outside at the time of the call.

Police advised the that a resident at the 6600 block of Buckinham Road called officers about flooding concerns on the road.

Xcel Energy was notified after a tree fell on power lines near .

Police were called about a possible armed man at the parking lot. Officers arrived and conducted a traffic stop of the subject, who is on federal probation for violent crimes. However, he was cooperative and did not have a gun on him or in his car.

A fire broke out at the 7900 block of Pinehurst Road. A Woodbury Fire Department official said it was a minor stovetop fire.

A driver was blocking a parked car in the parking lot. The person in the parked car asked the other motorist to move his vehicle, but he “continued to smoke a cig and did not respond.” The man moved his car only after the other person called police.

After fielding a complaint about a driver, police found a woman in a 2012 Hyundai who appeared intoxicated and blew a .16 PBT. She was cited for DWI.

A resident at the 10300 block of Lancaster Cove reporting seeing a light shining in one of her windows. Police were unable to find the source.

July 14

Police were called about a large fight on Elan Court, but no one wanted to press charges.

Two families’ issues over stolen pain medication spilled over into an incident at the . Police were contacted and advised both families to let the incident go.

Police were called about a group of intoxicated people at Carver Lake Park. Officers found that there were sober drivers and advised them about the dangers of drinking and swimming. One of the individuals said they would pack up their items and leave.

An intoxicated man was booked on DWI charges after he crashed into a curb and damaged a lawn at the 8400 block of Tamarack Road.

July 15

A guest at the Red Roof Inn called police with a noise complaint. Officers learned it was live music at the nearby .

Police were called to the 10200 block of Bridgewater Parkway on a complaint stemming from dogs from one home going onto a neighbor’s property. The caller told police a neighbor had said if it happens again “the dogs won’t come back.” Police said she needs to ensure her dogs stay on her property.

A man attempting to serve civil papers to a resident at the 11000 block of Valley Creek Road was threatened by a man who claimed he had a conceal and carry permit and would blow him up if he came on the property again. The man has a long history of aggressive behavior toward the Woodbury Police Department.

Details about a claim that a man slammed a woman’s head into a car window at the parking lot were unavailable. The window was broken, according to the caller.

July 16

Police were called about someone taking photos of the Shane Company recently, and the same man was back taking photos of CherryBerry. Police tracked the man down at his home, and he had no good reason for taking the photos. Police advised him of employees’ concerns.

An unruly customer at was gone by the time police arrived.

July 17

A home at the 1300 block of Whistler Point Road was egged.

A $50 package of whey protein that was delivered to a home at the 2100 block of Eagle Trace Lane was reported stolen.

Police were called about an intoxicated woman at who was cut off and began to offend customers. She was asked to leave and went outside and emptied two potted plants onto the ground. She left her phone there and when she came back to retrieve it she was issued a trespass notice.


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