Jul 29, 2014

Rewind: Semis Tipping, Bielenberg Feedback, Student Success

A look back at some of the week’s news.

Rewind: Semis Tipping, Bielenberg Feedback, Student Success

In case you missed some of the week’s top stories, here’s a recap.


The city on Monday announced its plans for an open house about the expansion project. Woodbury is looking to build a new $15.5 million field house. .

There were also three electricians holding up a big sign near the entrance to Tamarack Village. .


Woodbury police responded to a call about a man who was robbed on the street. Officers used a cell phone application to find the suspect, who was charged the same day. Tracking a robber? There’s an app for that.

Patch columnist Angela Johnson says . Don’t let “I’m bored” become the refrain in your home.


We introduced a new feature on Woodbury Patch: What Should Go Here? closed. ?

Also ran a story about a Woodbury teenager who .


The big story of the week came Thursday, when we asked State Patrol and MnDOT officials . Good comments from Patch users on this one.

Goga Studios, using “whole-body vibration,” . Over at the 755 Bielenberg area.


Two interesting stories involving students at Woodbury High School:

Fifth-graders from five Woodbury elementary schools .

Woodbury High School students : Sicbuddy and the .


The . Nuff said.

And we got in Woodbury.


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