Jul 26, 2014
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Business as Usual at Arnold Chick-fil-A

The afternoon lunch rush at the Arnold chicken restaurant was packed with ordinary lunch patrons. This evening? All was quiet.

Business as Usual at Arnold Chick-fil-A Business as Usual at Arnold Chick-fil-A Business as Usual at Arnold Chick-fil-A Business as Usual at Arnold Chick-fil-A

Wednesday has been called “National Same Sex Kiss Day” by gay and lesbian groups around the country who wish to protest support of traditional marriage. Their “official” Facebook event page has over 14,300 people signed up to participate. The event was scheduled at 8 p.m.

National Same Sex Kiss Day is this Friday, August 3rd at a Chick-fil-A near you! Head to your local Chick-fil-A and share a kiss with your sweetie. Let's show Chick-fil-A that EVERYONE deserves to be able to fall in love, start a family, and take their children to eat fried chicken after a soccer match. ;)  ~ Facebook

8 p.m. came at went at the Arnold location and there was not a smooch to be seen. 

However, a  tumblr page is filling up with photos of protesters kissing a same-sex loved one in other Chick-fil-A locations. 

During the Friday afternoon lunch rush the Arnold Chick-fil-A was bustling with customers. A line stretched all the way to the back of the restaurant and most of the tables were full. A counter clerk was overheard cheerfully telling a patron that today’s crowd Wednesday was “Chick-fil-A Support Day” when conservative fans of the chicken restaurant showed up in force to patronize the chain nationwide.

“People are fed up with it,” said Barbra Moon, a patron who drove from Festus with her friends to have lunch at the closest Chick-fil-A. “My daughter came on Wednesday with her kids,” she said. She said she wanted to support freedom of speech and religion and was disappointed in the traditional media’s coverage of Wednesday’s event.

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