Jul 26, 2014
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Have You Seen Me, Ballwin and Ellisville?

Let us know if a gaze at this gazebo jogs your memory.

Have You Seen Me, Ballwin and Ellisville?

Know Your Patch returns this month after an extended hiatus in order to enhance our readers visual-memory power. For long-time readers of the site, dating back to its birth in the days of yore in 2010, this feature is a familiar one: We'll supply a photo of an eye-catching locale, piece of artwork or similar structure from around town, and you'll be left to the sleuthing to tell us exactly where it came from.

As Ballwin-Ellisville Patch works out the details on exactly how the first-person to successfully ID our pic is rewarded, we turn to you to ask: Where have you seen this image?

If you think you know, post your answer in the comments section below! Our winner will be announced next week, possibly with a Patchy-prize to boot.

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