Jul 26, 2014
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Ellisville Walmart Public Hearing Today

After the planning and zoning commission's favorable vote, it is now in the hands of the council whether or not the Walmart development moves forward.

Ellisville Walmart Public Hearing Today

Tonight, Ellisville residents will have another chance to voice their opinions on the Walmart development when the Ellisville City Council holds a public hearing at 7 p.m. to address the Sansone Group’s petition for a conditional use permit to work on the project.

The conditional use permit is necessary because the store would exceed 50,000 square feet, it would have multiple-tenant space, a portion of the storefront would raise above 30 feet and the store plans on selling liquor, including Sunday sales.

The petition comes with the favorable vote of the planning and zoning commission, which means only a simple majority of the board is needed to approve the project.

, with Mayor Adam Paul and Councilmember Michelle Murray voting against it.

"For you all not to listen to the people who put you in office is wrong," Paul said at that meeting, addressing council members who voted in favor of the Walmart. "Shame on you."

Residents have been divided on the Walmart issue, with a majority of residents at public meetings expressing discontent over the development.

You can find the agenda for tonight’s council meeting here.

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