Jul 30, 2014
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Bakers Shoes in Chesterfield Mall Closing as Company Downsizes

After filing for bankruptcy last month, the footwear chain is looking to drop 150 stores and become a smaller, more profitable company.

Bakers Shoes in Chesterfield Mall Closing as Company Downsizes

Bakers' Shoes in Chesterfield Mall will be one of 150 stores the footwear chain will close nationwide as the company undergoes a dramatic restructure. 

Bakers previously underwent a downsizing in 1999, dropping from 600 stores nationwide to 200 and began on Friday liquidation sales that will close 150 of its 213 remaining stores, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The company filed for bankruptcy last month. 

"We we were bummed," said Jessie Davidson, a manager at the Chesterfield Mall Location, when she found out that her store was scheduled to be shuttered. "None of us want to lose our jobs and we love working here."

Davidson said a final closing date has not been set yet, but will probably be based on when they run out of merchandise. Since Davidson and her coworkers received the news last week, they've been hunting for new jobs. Some have been successful, like Davidson, and others are still searching. 

According to the Post-Dispatch, the 150 stores chosen were either losing money or part of the 52 stores Bakers planned to sell to Aldo. Davidson said she believed the Chesterfield Mall location had been doing well. 

"We have one of the highest conversation rates in the area," she said. "It's the percentage of people who come in the store that we sell to."

In addition to the one in Chesterfield Mall, the Bakers' Shoes at St. Clair Square will aslo be closing. The stores at the St. Louis Galleria, South County Center and West County Center will remain open for now. 

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