Jul 28, 2014

Chesterfield Kids Meet Magic Tree House Makers

The authors of the popular "Magic Tree House" children's book series came to Barnes and Noble to meet and chat with their young fans.

Young fans of the Magic Tree House series lined up at Barnes and Noble last night, each waiting for her or his chance to meet the authors of the newest addition to the series. Mary Pope Osbourne, the creator of the series, was there with her sister and co-author,  Natalie Pope Boyce, to talk with each child and pose for a photo with them.

Crazy Day With Cobras is the 45th book in the series, which began in 1992. The very first book Dinosaurs Before Dark introduced readers to Jack and Annie, two kids with a thirst for learning and adventure. The brother and sister team found a magic tree house that could transport them to any time or place they could read about in a book. The series is about their adventures.

Beginning in 2000, Osbourne began working with her husband Will Osbourne and sister Natalie Pope Boyce on writing "research guides," nonfiction companions to each book to teach readers about the historical places and people that Jack and Annie visited. The latest is Snakes and Other Reptiles by Natalie Pope Boyce.

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