Jul 29, 2014

Fine for Work Zone Speeding Increased

City council approved an ordinance last night that raises the fines for traffic violations in construction zones.

Fine for Work Zone Speeding Increased

Be sure to slow down when driving through work zones—fines for speeding or other traffic violations within a construction zone have just gone up. 

The Chesterfield City Council approved an ordinance Monday night that increases the fines: $35 on top of any fine assessed for traffic violations and $250 for speeding. Passing another car in a work zone would also be considered a misdemeanor. 

The change brings city fines in line with St. Louis County and state fines, Ward 4 councilwoman and Planning and Public Works Committee chair Connie Fults said.

With the new ordinance, Chesterfield Police Officers can issue the ticket under city—not county—laws, which means it can be tried at the . It keeps the revenue from the fines within the city and stops the city from paying a police officer to testify about a ticket at the county court in Clayton.

"It's more of a deterrent," Fults said. "It keeps us in line with the county and (the Missouri Department of Transportation), and helps keep work crews safe."

Work zones must be clearly marked, and for the $250 speeding fine to be assessed there must be a sign that warns drivers that fines of that amount are possible. 

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