23 Aug 2014
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Clayton to Talk Meth Cleanup, Shaw Park Master Plan

The Clayton board of aldermen meet on Tuesday.

Clayton to Talk Meth Cleanup, Shaw Park Master Plan

The Clayton Board of Aldermen is slated to meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Items on the agenda include:

Public Hearings

  •  Ordinance – To approve a text amendment to Chapter 405 to allow auto repair shops as a conditionally permitted use in the Service (S-1) zoning district. (Bill No. 6362) 
  • Resolution – To approve a Conditional Use Permit for Team 1 Auto Body & Glass at 125 Hunter Avenue (formerly Mini Cooper). 
  • Resolution – To approve a Conditional Use Permit for a personal training studio at 4 South Central Avenue. Ken Rodriguez, owner of STL Massage and Health, LLC, is requesting a Conditional Use Permit to allow the operation of a physical training and massage therapy studio on the second floor of the subject building (above World News). 

Report from the City Manager 

  • Ordinance – To approve a development agreement with the Clayton Century Foundation for the Shaw Park Master Plan Overlay project. (Bill No. 6363) The Clayton Century Foundation received a generous gift to fund a plan for the Shaw Park Master Plan Overlay project. The plan will add an additional level of detail to the current master plan and create a framework for plan implementation and fundraising. In order to formalize the terms and conditions of the gift a development agreement is required. 
  • Resolution – To approve the Clayton Century Foundation’s updated projects list. 
  • Resolution – To support the goals of the Deer Creek Watershed Management Plan for the RainScape Reward Rebate Program. The Watershed Management Plan aims at reducing the negative impacts of storm water in the watershed with an emphasis on plant-based solutions. A key part of the plan is a rebate program to financially assist landowners in rainscaping their yards to improve storm water management. 
  • Ordinance – To approve a contract for the Traffic Signal Improvements Project. 
  • Ordinance – To approve on-call contracts with engineering consultants. After two months of reviewing qualified candidates the Public Works Department has selected three consultants for open-ended on-call contracts with the city. 
  • Ordinance – To adopt procedures for the clean-up of property contaminated by Methamphetamine. The ordinance sets up protocols that the city can use to require property owners to clean up methamphetamine contamination on their properties. 
  • Ordinance – To approve an amendment to Section 215.530 relating to controlled substances. The ordinance prohibits the possession of controlled substances to include synthetic substances which have been classified as illegal by state law.   
  • Motion – To approve the disposal of records.

The meeting is open to the public.

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