Jul 29, 2014

I Spent My Wedding Anniversary with My Baby

For those who aren't there yet, here is a primer on celebrating anniversaries with a small child. It's fun—really!

My wife and I celebrated our four-year anniversary on March 22. In honor of the event, I took two days off.

Anniversaries are a delight regardless of the circumstances. But they are admittedly different when a baby—in our case, Micah—is part of the equation.

For our one-year anniversary, Julie and I took a trip to Chicago. We stayed on the Magnificent Mile, ate out and visited various sites of interest.

Day One of this year's anniversary staycation featured a visit to Julie's grandparents in the New Melle area for breakfast. Then we took a trip to the studios of our wonderful friend Katie of St. Charles-based Kay Web Photography. Micah was due for his 9-month photos. Our son hammed it up for the camera, and she graciously took us to lunch afterward.

We then got another treat in the form of our friends Justin and Susan, who (again, graciously) agreed to watch Micah for a couple of hours. We dropped him off and hopped over to the Delmar Loop. We hit up and visited , where Julie picked up volume in the Indestructibles series for our young son.

These books cannot be torn apart—really! Just watch the video!

On Saturday, Julie's brother Jack and his girlfriend, Lindsey, spent the night at our place. We had a blast getting to know Lindsey, and they kindly treated us to dinner at . Micah paid attention to the forecast and wore his hooded sweatshirt. The rest of us had a pleasant but sometimes chilly visit on the patio as the breeze picked up and the sun set.

On Sunday, I delivered a sermon as part of a gospel meeting at . My siblings-in-law, Brice and Brittany, came up for the week with their friends from Freed-Hardeman University in Tennessee. The cheerful and hard-working bunch spent the week doing service projects, encouraging people and teaching classes.

The meeting centered on messages of encouragement from the Old Testament book of Haggai. For those who aren't familiar with this text (I wasn't), it is two chapters long.

I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty to say (and I am verbose, as this column will attest), so the experience was fantastic.

In short, the weekend was filled with great family and friends, great food and lots of memories.

I love anniversaries. Baby included.

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