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Search the Most Popular Baby Names in Missouri

How many Ralphs have been born in Clayton? What year was Clayton the most popular? How many babies got your name the year you were born? Explore our database of Missouri baby names from 1910 to 2011.

Search the Most Popular Baby Names in Missouri Search the Most Popular Baby Names in Missouri

Clayton split from St. Louis County in 1876, and after much consideration, County officials chose a site donated by two native Virginian farmers, Ralph Clayton and Martin Hanley.

According to the Missouri Database of baby names, there were eight babies named Clayton born in the state in 1910, the first year of the database. There were also eight Martins. 

What about some of Clayton's other famous sons and daughters?

In 1968, the year television personality Andy Cohen and Clayton High grad was born, there were 202 other boys born with that name. 

The most popular year for Harolds, like Clayton Mayor Harold Sanger, was 1924. There were 591 Harolds born in Missouri that year. James was most popular in 1947. Richmond Heights Mayor James Beck's name was given to 2,426 babies that year.

Those tidbits come from our searchable database of Missouri baby names from 1910 to 2011. You can use the tools above to search by name, year or gender to explore questions such as:

  • How many Missouri babies got my name the year I was born?
  • What was the most popular year for my name in Missouri?
  • Any babies of the opposite sex get my name?

The data comes from the Social Security Administration, which released baby name data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia for the same period.

The government excluded names used fewer than five times in a year in order to protect privacy.

The information comes from people who applied for Social Security cards and were born in the United States after 1879. As the SSA notes, "many people born before 1937 never applied for a Social Security card, so their names are not included in our data. For others who did apply, our records may not show the place of birth, and again their names are not included in our data."

So, what did Missouri moms and dads most often dub their babies in 1910, the first year of this database? Well, that would be William and Mary. And 101 years later, in 2011? Happy birthday to Mason and Emma.

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