Jul 25, 2014

Whiz Kid: MRH Student Starts Sign-Language Club

Kahri Dixon of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School and two students from Clayton High School — Marquise Griffin and Mohammed Kokan — recently received recognition for their accomplishments.

Whiz Kid: MRH Student Starts Sign-Language Club

Whiz Kids' Name(s): Kahri Dixon, Marquise Griffin and Mohammed Kokan

Whiz Kids' School/Church/Community Center: Kahri attends ; Marquise and Mohammed attend .

Whiz Kids' Accomplishment:
The three recently received recognition for outstanding achievements by the Special School District of St. Louis County.

Whiz Kids' Key to Awesomeness: Kahri received the Rosemary Zander Award in recognition of his "extraordinary successes" during the Commitment to Kids Banquet held April 28, a news release states. Kahri, who is deaf, started a sign-language club at MRH High School in an effort to "teach his peers how to sign and about deaf culture," a biography on the Special School District's website states.

Kahri "exemplifies that anything is possible for those who refuse to let obstacles deter them from reaching their goals," social worker Tia Jenice Morris stated in the biography.

Marquise and Mohammed both received the Dianne Arbeiter Scholarship, which recognizes students served by the Special School District's deaf and hard of hearing program.

The Special Education Foundation hosted the banquet.

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