Jul 26, 2014
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AMC Theatre Dine-In Concept Could Be Ready Before January

Ordinance received first round reading at Monday night's Creve Coeur City Council meeting.

AMC Theatre Dine-In Concept Could Be Ready Before January

A corporate representative for AMC Theatres told Creve Coeur City Council members Monday that, if approved, a project to bring the company's in-theatre dining concepts to the West Olive 16 location could be in place in time for the Christmas holiday movie season.

George Patterson, a Senior Vice President for AMC addressed the council Monday. Patterson assured council members about the steps the company has taken in bringing the meal concept, which includes alcohol, to other locations around the country, including "carding" all patrons.

The dine-in scenarios would mean a makeover for each seating area. Fewer, more comfortable chairs, a digital film experience, and double the number of employees to work as servers for a menu that might resemble something like Applebees or Chili's.

City resident David Caldwell wondered aloud if the move to the new format would steer "swarms" of teenagers from the reconfigured theatre to the other . Some of the new concepts would only be open to patrons 21 years of age or older, while others would require those under 18 to be supervised by someone 21 or older.

"We fully expect that some of the teenagers will go to the other locations," Patterson said. "That's a good thing," he added.

A second and final read of the ordinance could come next month. Patterson said there was an "outside shot" of being done with the renovations by the end of the year, but said it was possible to do it in phases to take advantage of what is typically a popular time of the year for moviegoers.

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