Jul 25, 2014

A Creve Coeur Church To Be Represented At The Vatican

St. Monica Monsignor Dennis Doerhoff will watch friend and New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan's elevation to Cardinal status on Saturday.

A Creve Coeur Church To Be Represented At The Vatican

When St. Louis native Timothy Dolan was named Archbishop for the Diocese of New York City in 2009 it was probably something of a foregone conclusion that at some point Dolan, as the leader one of the largest Cathollic populations in the U.S., would be elevated to a position in the College of Cardinals. As his predecessor, Cardinal Edward Egan nears the age of 80, when he can no longer vote in the election of the Pope, it was more certain.

But that won't dampen the enthusiasm Dolan's supporters, including Monsignor Dennis Doerhoff will bring with them as they travel Tuesday to Rome to watch it happen. Doerhoff was a high school and seminary classmate with Dolan at St. Louis Preparatory Seminary South. 

Doerhoff says his former classmate has remained "spiritual, down to earth, and jovial," although Doerhoff brushes off talk that has circulated in media circles suggesting that Dolan could one day become the first Pope to hail from the United States, saying it is unlikely, even if he would be delighed for him.

Cardinal-Elect Dolan will celebrate mass at several locations around the Vatican between now and Saturay's consistory. Doerhoff will also attend a reception with the new Cardinals as well as a mass led by Pope Benedect on Sunday. There is also the possiblity of a joint audience with the Pontiff during the trip.

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