23 Aug 2014
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'Hoodie Allen, Will You Go To Prom With Me?'

With more than 1,200 views in 24 hours of a YouTube video popping the question, "Hoodie Allen, will you go to prom with me," a Whitfield School student is asking you all to help seal the deal.

Whitfield School Senior Nicolette Taber has taken a novel approach to find a date to the prom. The following is her account of those efforts:


Taking a fellow classmate to prom is simply not the norm anymore. When I saw the YouTube video of 17 year old Jake Davidson asking Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton to prom, and he received a "maybe," I knew that the stakes had undoubtedly risen in the prom date playing field. I have always had an interest in trying to create clever YouTube videos, so when I saw Davidson achieve moderate success at asking a celebrity to prom, I knew I had to get going.

Who should I create this video for? Jewish rapper Hoodie Allen immediately came to mind. I have been listening to his music for quite some time now, and he is known for having close relationships with his fans. It is not unusual for him to respond to fans' tweets. His unique beats, crafty lyrics and overt Jewishness sealed the deal for me. Also, knowing that there was a possibility he would personally view my video influenced me to go ahead with the project. The next step was figuring out exactly how to create my video and not make it too similar to the infamous Kate Upton one. 

Judaism has a tradition of a self deprecating humor. It is basically part of the culture. Knowing that Hoodie and I are both Jewish, I decided to incorporate certain aspects of our religion into the video. Cooking matzo ball soup, prompting prom dinner at a local deli and drinking manichewitz wine were all included in the video to signal the rapper that I am comfortable with poking fun at our shared culture.

I shared this video on Twitter and Facebook, and to my utmost surprise, I received over 1,200 views in a little more than 24 hours. Social media is a godsend. After tweeting this link, Hoodie Allen finally responded! Unfortunately, not with a yes. @HoodieAllen "might have a college tour date babe gonna have to be tbd on this."

I was flattered to receive a personal response from Hoodie. However, I am prompting everyone to keep watching my video and sharing it with their friends in hopes that Hoodie will turn that "maybe" into a "yes." Creve Coeur, will you help me take Hoodie Allen to prom?

Link: http://youtu.be/SLQeWfZ6Uic

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