Jul 29, 2014

Is Family Dollar Preparing to Open Near Creve Coeur?

A building permit application says yes. What does the company say?

Is Family Dollar Preparing to Open Near Creve Coeur?

Family Dollar, the discount retail chain, has received approval for a building permit from the city of Olivette for a store at 9435 Olive Boulevard that was occupied by Fashion 21 Trading.

It would be the closest location to Creve Coeur. The next closest location would be on Lackland Boulevard in Overland.

Olivette building inspector and plan reviewer George Kieffer told Patch the company had applied for the permit on Sept. 14; it was approved Oct. 19, but the company has not yet picked up the permit.

"They want to rehab the store before they move in," Kieffer said. "We don't review what their intent is as to when they might do something."

In an email to Patch, a spokesman for Family Dollar said the company had a listing for the new Olivette store, but no information about when it might open.

"At this point, I do not have any information in my database regarding this store," said Bryn R. Winburn, the company's public relations manager. "Please feel free to check back in with me in the next few weeks."

Patch will check back for more. The store would be toward the east end of the Olivette Plaza shopping area.

According to Family Dollar's website, the chain is scheduled to open a store in Florissant, at 11200 W Florissant Ave., on Nov. 29. The site lists 51 stores in the immediate St. Louis vicinity, stretching from St. Charles to East St. Louis to Mehville and Fenton.

The chain sells a wide variety of merchandise, generally priced under $10, and describes itself as a "convenience and value retailer serving the needs of families."

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