Jul 29, 2014

Neighborhood Rattled By 'Firebombs'

Creve Coeur Police are investigating the most recent incident which took place Sunday.

Neighborhood Rattled By 'Firebombs'

Residents on Falaise Drive are on the alert after having a molotov cocktail in their neighborhood for the second time in recent weeks.

Les Steinberg, a neighborhood trustee said he received the call about it around 5 a.m. Sunday. A car was found on fire in the 300 block of Falaise thanks to some sort of incendiary device. Steinberg said a resident saw someone throw it. The incident is under investigation by Creve Coeur Police.

Steinberg said the feeling in the neighborhood was that such things were what you might see in an overseas protest and not in Creve Coeur.

"These people are going crazy," Steinberg said of his neighbors to city officials at an informal community discussion as part of Creve Coeur's "Coffee With The Mayor" program Thursday.

He indicated a concern that residents had about the lack of beefed-up patrols in the area. 

Police Chief Glenn Eidman did not address specific tactics in the investigation, but did mention the potential for using unmarked police vehicles along with new license plate recognition software.

Steinberg said in the last 4-5 weeks, there was a similar attempt in the neighborhood. He said the wick of the device was ignited but did not explode.

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