Jul 26, 2014
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Back-To-School Safety Tips Offered by St. Louis County Police

A Back-to School Enforcement Program led by St. Louis County Police aims to keep students in Eureka and Wildwood safer. Now's a good time to check bus stops, routes and the Registered Sex Offender Registry.

Back-To-School Safety Tips Offered by St. Louis County Police

To renew the focus on the safety of all children within St. Louis County, including students in and , St. Louis County Police Department officers are rededicating themselves to a Back-to-School Enforcement Program.

"This program is designed to provide extra visibility and enforcement, especially in our neighborhoods and around school buildings," stated St. Louis County Chief of Police Tim Fitch in a department announcement. "Officers from both our Patrol and Special Operations Divisions will be out to ensure that speed limits are strictly enforced, school bus stop arms are obeyed and suspicious activity is identified."

The Enforcement Program consists of four areas of concern:

  1. additional patrols around and near school buildings;
  2. additional patrols around school bus stops;
  3. strict enforcement of school speed zones; 
  4. strict enforcement of school bus stop arm violations.

"Remember, allow extra time for getting around on the roadways as school begins, especially in the morning and during afternoon rush," Fitch said.

"Parents may also want to take this opportunity to check our on-line Registered Sex Offender Registry. Parents can search by zip code to know if any offenders live near their child's school, bus stop or home. This information is available to help all parents make informed decisions about their child's activities."

Fitch reminds parents to be sure children carry identification and emergency contact information. He also said it is imperative to know the routes children take. "Instruct them to travel with others and to stay away from strangers and strange vehicle," he said.

For more safety tips, can obtain a copy of a Back to School Safety Tips pamphlet at the station or visit the county's police website.

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