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Candidates Set for Wildwood, Eureka Elections in April

Seats on all three fire protection districts, the Rockwood School District Board of Education, the Wildwood City Council and Eureka Board of Aldermen are all up for election.

Candidates Set for Wildwood, Eureka Elections in April

This article updates previous candidates' list published in Eureka-Wildwood Patch on Dec. 11, Jan. 3 and Jan. 15. Editor's Note:  See important update that follows from Feb. 12, 2013, regarding the disqualification of a Metro West Fire Protection District candidate.

Metro West Fire Protection District:

Metro West is headquartered in Wildwood.

Metro West Fire Protection District has one position on its board that will expire this spring; it is held by Tim Flora, who currently chairs the group.

Flora, who has served on this board for the past 12 years, did file. Steve Ward, who was a former Metro West assistant chief, also has filed. 

Addition Feb. 12, 2013 at 12:40 p.m.: Metro West Fire Board Candidate Disqualified

Monarch Fire Protection District:

Monarch's House No. 2, at 18424 Wildhorse Creek Rd., services Wildwood residents.

The seat of Monarch Fire Protection District board of director Kim Evans expires in April. Evans has served as a MFPD director for the past 5-1/2 years; she currently is the board president.

The following individuals have filed:

  • Kim Evans (incumbent)
  • Russ Lake
  • Jane Cunningham
  • Cole McNary

Editor's Note: Former board president Rick Gans withdrew his candidancy.

Eureka Fire Protection District:

Eureka Fire Protection District serves the communites of Eureka, Wildwood, Hoene Springs, Southwest St. Louis County and Northern Jefferson County.

EFPD board of directors are elected to a six-year term with an election every two years. During the April election, one board position expires:  Francis (Butch) Oberkrame, who currently chairs the three-member group. 

Oberkrame, the incumbent, filed. Another Eureka resident, Frederick Wuelling III, filed as well.

Rockwood School District:

Rockwood School District's Board of Education will fill two seats, as the terms of directors Janet Strate and Stephen Banton expire in April.

Incumbents Strate and Banton filed. Strate was first elected to the board in 2004. Banton was elected to the board in 1998, and is completing his fifth term.

Two more candidates filed:  Loralee Mondl and Jeffrey Morrell.

Wildwood City Council

Ward One:  Larry McGowen, incumbent

Ward Two:  Ed Marshall, incumbent

Ward Three:  Sue Cullinane as well as Marc S. Perez

Ward Four:  Katie Dodwell, incumbent

Ward Five:  Dave Bertolino, incumbent

Ward Six:  Ron James, incumbent

Ward Seven:  Jeff Levitt

Ward Eight:  Paul L. Wojciechowski

Click here to find additional information for candidates who have filed for the April 2, 2013 Municipal Election in Wildwood.

Eureka Board of Aldermen and City Marshal:

Ward 1:  Wes Sir

Ward 2:  Marilyn Leistner

Ward 3:  Shannon Britt

City Marshal:  Mike Wiegand

Wes Sir's role as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, coincides with his aldermanic term, and so also is set to expire in April.

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