Jul 30, 2014
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Eureka Volunteers to Participate in Mock-Emergency

On Saturday, teams from Eureka, Maplewood and Crestwood will practice their skills.

Eureka Volunteers to Participate in Mock-Emergency

Volunteers from the ’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team will be participating in an urban search-and-rescue exercise on Saturday in Maplewood. Volunteer members of Maplewood and Crestwood's Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) will also take part.

The citizen volunteers will respond to a simulated disaster, searching a large area of single-family homes in Maplewood for survivors of the mock-incident. Eureka's Incident Response trailer and their K-9 teams will also be involved in searching a medium-sized apartment complex.

"This exercise will provide trained citizen volunteers the opportunity to practice their disaster response and recovery skills that in turn just may save the lives of others in our region," said Tim Bonno of Eureka Fire Protection District Search and Rescue. The volunteers have trained with members of local fire and police departments.

The one-year anniversary of the tornado that slammed Sunset Hills is approaching, and it's been seven months since the tornado that crippled and destroyed part of  Lambert Airport and the surrounding community. The tornado that struck Joplin occurred six months ago.

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