Jul 28, 2014

Holiday Lights Recycling Drive Succeeding

Drop off unworking or unwanted holiday lights for proper recycling at Walmart Supercenter in Eureka through Dec. 11.

Holiday Lights Recycling Drive Succeeding

The bin for collecting holiday lights for recycling at the in today was full.

Walmart is one of about 15 sponsoring companies around St. Louis that are acting as collection points on behalf of St. Louis Green, Inc., a nonprofit founded in 2007 by Craig Jung to address a need in the St. Louis community for information about "green" (sustainable) businesses, products and events.

The Eureka-based Walmart is one of 58 Walmarts throughout Missouri collecting lights until Dec. 11.

Proceeds benefit StLouisGreen.com in keeping unwanted lights out of landfills and Operation Food Search by helping to feed the hungry.

This year's goal is to recycle 50,000 pounds of holiday lights, according to the nonprofit's website. In 2010 combined, 32,000 pounds of unwanted holiday lights were recycled. 

The other purpose of this drive is to promote the use of energy-efficient LED holiday light strands.

Update to article at 5:40 p.m.: After seeing our article posted this evening, St. Louis Green Guy and Executive Director Craig Jung verified the recycled light drive is officially extended through Dec. 11 at the Walmart in Eureka.

"We have emptied (the collection box) Eureka once already last week, and we will empty it again tomorrow," communicated Jung in an email. "Each box weighs about 350 to 400 pounds worth of lights. We have collected about 4 tons this past week."

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