Jul 28, 2014

High Ridge Woman Called Real Hero for Saving Driver in Arnold

Kristin Martin was one of three people who rescued a driver who was having a seizure on Vogel Road. They were recognized Monday and personally thanked by the woman they saved.

High Ridge Woman Called Real Hero for Saving Driver in Arnold High Ridge Woman Called Real Hero for Saving Driver in Arnold

Three people, including a High Ridge woman, who came to the aid of a driver who was having a seizure on Vogel Road were honored for their heroic actions by the Rock Community Fire Protection District Monday night.

Ron Harder, the district's spokesperson, presented each good Samaritan with a plaque for their service to the community at a ceremony at the district's headquarters Monday night.

"The real heroes are everyday citizens like yourself that come to the aid of someone in need - someone who's there to help someone who might have perished," Harder said. "You guys went above and beyond to help someone in need and that humbles us." 

On March 19 Zachary Green, of Imperial, and his girlfriend Kristin Martin, of High Ridge, noticed the woman swerving as she approached a green light at Vogel Road while trying to get on Interstate 55. 

They stopped in the middle of the intersection and began running toward the the car, calling out to other drivers for help. Red light cameras captured the part of the incident.

Green, who attended Seckman High School, told Patch, "At first we were behind her at a red light. When the light turned green, she didn't move. I honked and then went around her. Then she started driving, and I could see she was having a seizure, and I thought 'We've got to save her.'"

Martin, a graduate of Fox High School told Patch, "I didn't think. I just hopped out of the car and started running." 

That's when Don Grimshaw, the principal at Seckman High School, noticed the commotion and saw the swerving vehicle. He was able to position his pickup truck in the way of the vehicle to stop it from heading down the ramp.

The vehicle struck a guardrail and stopped. The trio then ran to the aid of the woman and stayed with her until first responders arrived.

"My biggest concern was trying to get her out of the car after it stopped because it was still in drive," Grimshaw said. "People sometimes have repeated seizures."

Kristy Milburn, the driver who had the seizure, was on hand at Monday's ceremony. She presented all three with cards personally thanking them for helping her that day.

"I don't remember anything," Milburn told Patch. "But I can tell you that they aren't ordinary people. I just wanted to give them something (the cards) to remember me by."

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