Jul 28, 2014

83 Tons of Hazelwood 'Trash' Disappears in 6 Hours

Hazelwood's second annual Recycle Day gives residents the opportunity to dump large unwanted items for free.

83 Tons of Hazelwood 'Trash' Disappears in 6 Hours 83 Tons of Hazelwood 'Trash' Disappears in 6 Hours

Sometimes a little push is needed to get rid of the old junk that collects dust in the home. Or maybe just a little incentive, like a free place to drive up, dump the trash and not think twice.

The offered this, and residents jumped at the opportunity.

"We’re still trying to get some numbers from a couple of the participating vendors for Saturday’s “Recycle Day,”' said Hazelwood communications coordinator Tim Davidson. "But preliminary results indicate that we serviced 616 cars and collected 79.5 tons of recyclable items."

Davidson also said about 10 tons of items dropped off were appliances, lawn equipment and bulky items.

"Thirty (30) tons were TVs, video monitors and miscellaneous electronics," Davidson said. "Plus, 3.5 tons were collected by American Kidney Services, (and) we’re still waiting on totals from The Home Depot and Shred-it."

All-in-all, the second annual Hazelwood Recycle Day was a success by any means simply because it was an avenue for getting unwanted items out of Hazelwood and to locations that can recycle them to either re-sell the entire object or portions of the object.

The goal of the day was complete because non of the items will wind up in a landfill.

St. Louis Mills  was host to the event, which lasted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

, 706 vehicles drove through the event area and dropped off nearly 80 tons of recyclable items, as well.

The City of Hazelwood in partnership with its Green Committee sponsored the event. Participating vendors included Allied Waste Services, WITS, Inc. (Web Innovations & Technology Services), St. Louis Mills, The Home Depot, American Kidney Services, and Shred-it.

There was no charge for items dropped off in the parking lot of , near , during the event hours.

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